Compare and Save on Radish Seed for Sprouting

If you like radishes you will of course love the zesty crunch of radish sprouts from our radish seed. If you’d like to add a little excitement you can add them to your alfalfa seed or clover seed to nicely perk up their flavor as well.

Sprouted radish seeds have 29 times more vitamin C and 4 time more vitamin A than a serving of milk. There is also 10 times more calcium in a serving of radish sprouts than in a baked potato and more vitamin C than pineapple.

One cup of sprouted radish seeds has only 16 calories, are low in fat and high in fiber so like all sprouted seeds they are a dieters delight.

Growing radish sprouts is a breeze. Just soak the seed 4 to 6 hours in a sprouting jar, rinse and leave in the jar or place in a try to grow. Make sure you rinse the growing seeds at least twice a day and that they are well drained after rinsing. In 5 to 7 days you will have a fresh crop of sprouted radish seeds. Spicy!

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Compare and Save

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