EasyGreen “LITE” Auto-Misting Sprouter

EasyGreen “LITE” Auto-Misting Sprouter The EasyGreen “Light” Sprouter (EGL 50) is one of the most convenient devices for growing sprouts, micro-greens, wheatgrass, grasses for juicing, and many other seedlings. The automatic water mister, sprouting enclosure, and drainage system help ensure a healthy, consistent, yet flexible, growing environment. Price: $199.00 Quantity: We're Sorry Inventory Restriction Inventory Failure Success! Features:  Patented Mist Generator technology simultaneously distributes mist and oxygen to seeds and sprouts. Water Tank feeds mister up to 36 hour supply depending on timer and environmental conditions Plugs on top of water take for easy filling Special timer allows 15 minute misting cycles up to 48 times per day accommodating meteorological conditions and varying seed...

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Easygreen Sprouter Automatic Watering System

How to Install the Easygreen Sprouter Automatic Watering System Installing the automatic watering system float valve on the Easygreen Sprouter is quick and easy to do. It will save you a lot of time and the frustration of having to manually refill the reservior every 1 to 2 days giving you a truly automatic sprouter. Once this automatic water refilling device is installed sprouting will be as simple as placing the sprouting seeds in the tray, placing the tray in the sprouter, plugging in the mister and harvesting sprouts in 4 to 5 days. This is a do it yourself kit that has printed instruction included. You will need to purchase a faucet connector...

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