Quality Organic Sprouting Seeds at Wholesale Prices

If you’re looking for organic sprouting seeds to buy at wholesale prices you’ve come to the right place. We offers the best prices for growing sprouts at home. Sprouts offer the most bio-available nutrition of any food in the plant or animal kingdom. Enzymatically active sprouts harness high-quality, complete proteins and nutrients utilized throughout the entire body.

Right now you can buy the highest quality organic broccoli seeds to grow delicious healthy broccoli sprouts for only $19.99/lb.,  organic radish seed to grow radish sprouts for only $8.99/lb., organic clover seed to grow clover sprouts for only $8.99/lb. and organic alfalfa seed to grow alfalfa sprouts for only $9.99/lb.! Plus we have the best and easiest automatic sprouter on the planet, the Easygreen Sprouter.

We’ve scoured the Internet so you don’t have to. Compare our prices to the leading online retailers and I’m sure you’ll be wondering why you’ve paid so much in the past. Don’t let our prices fool you though. We buy only from the top producers and suppliers available.

You can be assured of the  highest quality standards and the best germination rates available. All products are non-GMO as well. Isn’t it time you started saving on your seeds for sprouting?

Compare and Save!

Be sure to checkout the price comparison charts of the top sprouting seed companies listed below and how they stack up to our prices.

Compare prices and save up to 51% today on Broccoli: Only $19.99/lb.

Online Retailer:Price Per Pound:
Amazon $21.90
Sprout House $21.90
Mumm’s $23.16
Sprout People $24.75
Sproutman $24.80
Wheat Grass Kits$25.95
StarWest Botanicals $43.75

Alfalfa – Compare prices and save up to 31%: Only $9.99/lb.

Online Retailer:Price Per Pound:
Sprout People$10.90
Wheat Grass Kits$10.99
Handy Pantry$10.99
Mountain Rose Herbs$11.00
Sprout House$11.50
Sprout Man$11.99
ZNatural Foods$12.99

Clover – Compare and Save up to 51%: Only $8.99/lb.

Online Retailer:Price Per Pound:
Sprout People$10.47
Wheat Grass Kits$10.89
Mountain Rose Herbs$9.50
Territorial Seed$16.20

Green Pea – Save up to 48%: Only $4.99/lb.

Online Retailer:Price Per Pound:
Wheat Grass Kits$5.69
Sprout People$6.55
Territorial Seed$7.70

Radish – Save up to 50%: Only $8.99/lb.

Online Retailer:Price Per Pound:
Sprout People$10.80
Handy Pantry$10.19
True Leaf Market$10.45
Territorial Seed$15.30

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Organic Black Chia  $12.99/lb.


Order today and receive as a free gift “Chia Seeds: A Nutrition Powerhouse!” (a $19.99 value) which is packed full of nutritional information and great tasting easy to make recipes!

**The Easygreen Products is not included in the 10% discount.