The Easygreen Sprouter vs. The Freshlife Sprouter

Without a doubt the EasyGreen Sprouter is the best automatic sprouter available not only because it provides a copious supply of oxygen to the growing sprout seed, but it also uses fresh water for each rinse cycle as well, which greatly reduce the chances of mold and makes the sprouts much healthier and stronger as well! But if you need a smaller unit because of limited space the less expensive Freshlife Automatic Sprouter is a great alternative for easily growing your own sprouts at home. Learn more about each automatic sprouter in our side-by-side comparison chart.

ProductEasygreen Automatic SprouterFreshlife Automatic Sprouter
easygreen sprouterFreshlife Sprouter
Dimensions 7" High
18" Wide
24" Long
13.58" High
11.22" Long
Total Growing Area225 square inches98.87 square inches
Growing Area dimensions15" x 15" Square7.22" Diameter Circle
Grows HydroponicallyYesYes
Can use soil in machine?YesNo
Oxygenates SproutsYesNo
Recirculates Same WaterNoYes
Requires bucket or sink to drain rinse waterYesNo
Manual FillYesYes
Automatic FillOptionalNo
Uses Sprinkler SystemNoYes
Uses Misting SystemYesNo
Must Change Water Every 1-2 DaysNoYes
Removable Growing TraysYesNo
Yield 3 to 6 pounds1/2 to 1 pound
Dishwasher Safe?YesNo
Replacement parts available?YesYes
Warranty Length1 Year1 Year
RETAIL PRICE$249.00$120.00
YOUR PRICE$229.00$73.00 (Refurbished)
YOU SAVE$20.00$47.00