The Best Automatic Sprouter

The EasyGreen “Light” Sprouter (EGL 50) is one of the most convenient devices for growing sprouts, micro-greens, wheatgrass, grasses for juicing, and many other seedlings. The automatic water mister, sprouting enclosure, and drainage system help ensure a healthy, consistent, yet flexible, growing environment.

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Easygreen Sprouter Lite


  • Patented Mist Generator technology simultaneously distributes mist and oxygen to seeds and sprouts.
  • Water Tank feeds mister up to 36 hour supply depending on timer and environmental conditions
  • Plugs on top of water take for easy filling
  • Special timer allows 15 minute misting cycles up to 48 times per day accommodating meteorological conditions and varying seed requirements.
  • 5 Individual Seed Trays allow growing a variety of sprouts at one time
  • Seed Trays drain into the bed helping seeds and sprouts from becoming oversaturated
  • Automatic bed drain helps prevent over saturation and the potential of mold
  • Airflow Lid allows for airflow in growing compartment
  • Lid has handle for easy access to growing compartment.
  • Modular construction allows easy assembly and cleaning or most parts
  • OPTIONALLY AVAILABLE is a large tray which is handy for a single large crop


What is Included: 

  • EasyGreen Light Sprouter Model EGL 50
  • Mist Generator with Air Filter
  • 5 ea Food Grade Plastic Cartridges
  • 96 Activation Timer – 110v/60Hz
  • Set of Plugs for water tank
  • Drainage Connection and Tube
  • Installation Instructions
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Easygreen Sprouter Light

Click here to check out the new float valve automatic watering system and you’ll never have to add water to your Easygreen again.

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  • Model EGL 50
  • Dimensions  22″ L x 16″ W x 7.0″ H
  • Growing Area – 14.5″ x 13.75″
  • Standing Weight: 8.5 Lbs
  • EGL and Timer Power 110V 60Hz; standard USA plug
  • Power Draw  10 Watts
  • CE Certified; BPA Free Certified
  • Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty 
    •  Mister 1 year; Plastic Parts 2 years