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Sunflower Seeds for SproutingSunflower seeds for sprouting grow into what are called sunflower sprout greens. They obviously are great in salads and sandwhiches and can be juiced as well. Sprouted sunflower seeds, called sunflower greens, are know for their crispness and nutty flavor and are a rich source of lecithing and vitamin D. They are a great source of nutrition providing essential vitamins, minerals, fiber, amino acids and phytosterols which reduce cholesterol and enhance the immune system. The sprouting of the sunflower seeds actually multiplies the nutritional value over the unsprouted seeds from three hundred to twelve hundred percent.

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Growing Sunflower Seeds for Sproutingsprouting sunflower seeds

I’ve grown sunflower sprouts with or without soil and have had equally good results. The best way to grow them is to soak the seed for 6 to 8 hours. Rinsed them and place in a tray with or without dirt (experiment to see what works best for you). Keep out of direct sunlight. Rinse at least twice a day. In seven to 10 days you will have a nice crop of sunflower greens. To harvest cut them off with scissors near the base of the plant, rinse and place in the frig. Happy sprouting!

Sunflower Seeds for Sprouting

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